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I know nothing, I come from Barcelona

I spent all day watching the Home Affairs Select committee and the Culture media and sport select committee.

I am now very well-informed.

There are 174 ways to say, I know nothing.

There are 30 ways to say I’ll get the information to you.

And a great many ways to say a few hundred words to say I know nothing.

The only one missing was ‘Que? I from Barcelona.’

While the Murdoch clan managed to say nothing the Met boys managed to appear like bumbling fools.

On a day where a great many eyes were watching the #hackgate select committees, in the House of commons and elsewhere, announcements most newsworthy were barely being noticed.

Badger Culling, BSF appeals denied and NHS opening up to competition to the tune of £1bn.

So while the pages of tomorrows press are full of pictures and stories of Rupert Murdoch being custard pied and #hackgate suppositions and news, a few things will be sneaking out unannounced like little toxic farts.

The Government was using the last day of term to get out all sorts of announcements in the hope that if all the bad news came out together some of  it will be missed.  In some respects the Coalition will be thankful to Murdoch and #hackgate for giving them some cover.  Liam Fox got a few things out yesterday too.

Hackgate might account for the PM but it wont be tomorrow.  It might just be Ed Llewellyn that takes a fall after being dropped in it by Yates of the yard.  Summer Recess has come at the right time to take the heat out of hackgate and Dave will manage to soldier on for a while.

(3/1 to go by the end of 2011 at paddy power).