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Open Letter to members of the PLP

A letter from the trenches.

Comrades of the Parliamentary Labour Party

I ask you to read this and think about your next steps.

I am a Councillor in a Local Authority, burdened with making the sums add up in the face of cuts from both a Conservative national government and a Nationalist devolved government. The choices which I, and my colleagues, make every day are about delivering on the labour values that our constituents voted for.

The recent EU referendum result will create a period of flux, uncertainty and turmoil in our society and economy and it is to you whom many of our residents will look for surety and comfort.

Sadly the chaotic recriminations, played out in lurid detail in the right wing press, are depriving people, who would look to us to serve them, of any hope. They feel that our party is interested not in them but only in ourselves and our careers. This is not good enough.

Jeremy Corbyn has an overwhelming mandate to lead our party. I didn’t vote for him but he won a majority of our members support. I am a democrat and accept the will of the party. I suggest you do too.

At no point is it acceptable for the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) to attempt to overturn the mandate given by the members. Worse still at no point is it acceptable for the PLP to undermine the Leader by briefing against him. It is disloyal and damaging to the party and if my MP were one doing so I would be on the phone demanding that they cease to do so.

I urge you all to focus on fighting a Conservative party in meltdown and prepare to take them apart on issues that impact on the daily lives of our citizens. Prove to the electorate that we are there fighting for THEM not fighting each other. Prove to them that we are a party that could govern in a different politics. Prove to them that we still have a point.

If we do this then the leader is supported and on the front foot and in front of the electorate. In time if a change of leader is needed then that will become apparent and we will choose another but until then this crass, opportunist, in-fighting is condemning our citizens to years of Conservative government and lives blighted by their policies. We will have failed them.

So, while I am not in your shoes and have a different view of things, I urge you to resolve the issues in the PLP by supporting the Leader and fight the Conservatives. Fight them with every fibre of your being. The vote of no confidence in the leader is an act of panic or spite and needs to be defeated.

I no longer have my own Labour MP to lobby so I am lobbying you and, like many members, I need you to show solidarity with all of us in the party whatever role we serve in.

The Conservatives are rudderless and divided, now is not the time to join them.

I urge you to support the leader and support the membership by voting to retain Jeremy Corbyn as Leader.

Your friend from afar,


Sent tonight to Labour Central Office for circulation to members of the PLP.