Bloody Johnny Foreigner causes Dave trouble.

Poor Dave, bet he thought all these junkets abroad would be fun.  You know swanning around in Limousines, gala dinners, hob (k)nobbing with other leaders.

Apparently he has just found out that they are hard going.  A bit like world cup bids, lots of work needs doing before the hors d’oeuvre.

While John Major rightly called his party Bastards in the 90’s, it appears that this time the Bastards are getting what they want – a eurosceptic Prime Minister.

Is Dave really a euro Sceptic?  No, he’s more a euro careless, or a euro ignorant.

This treaty mess has been brewing for a while.

His and Gidders stances on Eurozone ‘F*ck off and sort yerselves out – we’re all right jack’ has brought us here.  We needed to be involved in helping them sort themselves out not continually carping from the sidelines with typical Etonian smugness.  An arrogance that has backfired spectacularly.

The comments of exasperation that Sarkozy was driven to over the summer were a clue that this was being diplomatically fumbled.  Warning signals were being raised in the language used and none of it was positive.  This was a result of our failure.  Na-na-na-na-na is not a grown up diplomatic stance.  Nor is a foreign secretary who wants to nail the doors shut on the burning euro-edifice.

How much would it have cost for some friendly warm words and a few hints in the right direction?  Nothing.  How much has their absence cost us?  Only time will tell, jobs and influence will certainly be hit.

The treaty on the table, however, was not one that we should have signed.  It was one that could have been avoided altogether with diplomatic bargaining and discussion over the last three or four months.

At every Eurozone crisis meeting we should have been there talking and supporting and diverting the drive to this unacceptable treaty back towards ground we could agree on.  We could have been gaining allies for our position not letting the Franco-German powerhouse scoop up the smaller nations in a bear hug.

We could have been a champion of the rest and facilitator of the deal but instead we got Dave.

What a bloody mess.  No influence, no clue and totally out of touch on europe (our biggest trading partner BTW).

Where do we go from here?  God knows but it will be a long time until anyone around the european top table actually listens to us.


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