Hackgate keeps on going

It’s surprising that this scandal has kept on going.

The NOTW is no more, bribes (sorry compensations) have been paid to Milly Dowler’s family and many others.  Murdoch junior looks unlikely to follow Rupert into the big seat at News Corp / News International.

Coulson has been forced out of Number 10.

All good stuff and yet here we are waiting in anticipation for this week’s installment of Culture Media and sport committee.

Who would have thought a committee in parliament would be such compelling viewing.

The custard pie in Murdoch’s face wont happen again.

The squirming of James under questioning while saying I know nothing, isn’t the main draw.

The main draw is the ghoulish pleasure we get from watching the NOTW getting its come uppance.

For me I keep expecting a smoking gun to point at Dave-call-me-dave and show him for the liar we all think he is.  How he things we will swallow the ‘I didn’t ask’ ‘Gave him a second chance’ crap about Coulson I do not know.  The summer recess took the heat off of Dave but I expect after another couple of rounds it will start to come back on to him.

However, that said, I doubt Dave would go.  At one point I thought his demise was imminent but alas not.

And so to this week.

Video surveillance is common stuff.  The use of it to smear a lawyer who is involved in a case against them is a step too far.

Don’t give a toss that they spied on Wills et al.  Much more concerned by their attempts to smear a lawyer representing clients whom, it has been proven, had a case against them.  Attack on justice is an attack on us all.

What bothers me is the continued use of surveillance to get material for smears / scoops continued till they closed.

Proving effectively, once and for all just how corrupt and law disregarding the NOTW was.

And these same people had their man at the heart of Government.  And he had no idea it was going on?

One rogue reporter?  Credible?  Is it credible that Dave never asked?

The smelly stuff is about to spray everywhere and I hope that those besmirched do the honorable thing and go.



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