How complex does it need to be?

Independence, the grail of the SNP- Alex Salmond for First Minister Party.

It is a simple proposition isn’t it?

Part of United Kingdom or Not?

Self-determining or Governing as a devolved parliament?

It’s fairly Boolean in nature.  It is a ‘true / false’  proposition.
It’s not that you can be nearly pregnant, nearly dead, sort of Independent.

Now Separatism is used as a swear word in Nationalist circles and used by ‘Unionists’ as a pejorative.
It isn’t really necessary.  It is the question that needs to be discussed and resolved.

Time we were all grown up about this and just asked the voters we trust to decide.

Does anyone think the decision will be taken lightly?

That the Scots are too stupid to realise that this is a life changing decision? Of course they aren’t.

They’ll decide based on a mixture of emotions, aspirations and fears. Facts probably wont be a major contributor to the decision.
It is an emotional response and that is Why Alex Salmond doesn’t want an ‘all-or-nothing’ Yes or no question.

One cast of the dice, one moment alone behind the curtain. It is too much to lose for the SNP.  It is also too much to lose for those who want the status quo to continue.
Enter, stage left, a multi option ballot. What about the mibbe’s mibbe option? You know the one where we can kind of have a sort of independence and not have the total risk. You know that full fiscal autonomy thing.
Its like stabilisers on your first bike.  A cycling proficiency badge without the proficiency.

The current need for a safety blanket says more about the worried combatants than the importance of the question.  This is vested interest at work.  Too much to lose for both sides.  Like drunks desperate to be held back before fists are thrown.


The fact that many have voiced support for Indy-lite or Devo-max shows the uncertainty that resides underneath the surface.  ‘Don’t scare the voters’ or ‘It’s too complex for a yes or no’.  I think differently.


Nationalists may say they are certain that we can do it better ourselves than westminster can.  Maybe that is true, and maybe it isn’t.  But independence isn’t about better  management, it’s not a comparison between shite and really shite.  Devolution has brought some self-determination to Scotland (a good thing) and we are feeling our way forward.  Are we ready? I don’t think so.


The SNP majority was a surprise to everyone (result of good campaign, poor Labour one and LD betrayal in joining Tories) and is probably 10 years too early for Alex.  He now has to put up and stop blaming everyone else.


He knows that now is not the right time hence Devo max / indy lite option.  Alex is a politician and not the prime zealot in his party.  He is pragmatic and his whole approach screams it out loud.


I will be voting against independence (not because I think we are too wee / stupid/ poor/unable to manage) but because there is no need in my opinion.  I said devolution would be the slow march to independence but we aren’t ready yet, good government takes practice not a messy divorce.

Will we be ready in 20 years?  Maybe.  Will it take 20 years to unwind from UK?  Maybe.

But these are beside the point.

So Alex (ya fearty – helpful eh?) yes or no?  That’s it, do it now and let’s get on.  I think you’ll lose and more importantly so do you (despite what Nicola spouts at conference).


Lets not play politics with this – courage of your and my convictions and just let the voters decide.


Win the argument and you might win.  And then what?  You have no idea, and that is what really worries me.



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  1. Patient Patriot

    and every kid wants Christmas tomorrow
    and every writer needs a line to borrow
    and every doubter is not called Thomas
    and every wish is not a promise

    Your impatience is just pollution
    so why don’t you join the solution
    The civic groups want their say
    so there’s a debate for another day

    Look forward to ’14 with hope and courage
    ideas to let the country flourish
    There’s a velodrome in Glasgow’s east end
    Come see Sir Chris and bring yer friends

    Were waiting to welcome the Commonwealth
    less time to think of oneself
    Then, The Ryder Cup at Gleneagles
    a boost to Scotland and her people

    and there’s still much more to do
    we’ve got the Homecoming part 2
    so all the Scots can come home
    from wherever they have chose to roam

    The rich few signed a union that was week
    so in good time the people will speak
    to quote Oor Wullie Heavens Jings
    we still have to sort out loads of things

    The finish line will come in spite
    of you needing an answer today, tonight
    Don’t be the one who never got the memo
    Scotland’s not happy with The Status Quo!

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