Hackgate, the Gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you, commons culture, media and sport select committee.

The recall of the forked tongue gang that tried to tell us that it was only Clive and Des that were at it, led to a few revelations.

Crone had to spill the beans and reveal his selective amnesia.  James Murdoch lied, lied and lied again.

He knew and now his underlings have had to say so.  The father and son ‘we didn’t know’ has been scotched.

Silence was bought from Clive Goodman who felt betrayed as he was hung out to dry and played on the ‘for Neville’ trump card.

Caught breaking the law and jailed.  Obviously his dismissal from NOTW was unfair.  They were all at it and he knew it.  They promised him they’d see him all right afterwards.  Take one for the team as it were.

Coulson wanted him brought back after his jail term, but failing that a quarter of a million should have eased the pain of being booted from the bosom of News International.  Or as one of the committee suggested ‘bought his silence’.  Goodman & Mulcaire should just blurt out the whole story and land the rest of their former buddies in it.

Crone & the HR bloke attempted to answer in doublespeak and it backfired under a torrent of very direct questions.  The whole truth may never come out but it has been exposed as a house of cards with lies at its heart.  This mob wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the ass.  (oh wait maybe it has)

So James KNEW.  Phone hacking was endemic.  Coulson most certainly knew.

Wait a minute…….

Does that mean perhaps there is a similarity here.  Do you think DAVE knew about Andy Coulson’s involvement in the hacking scandal?

What about Mr Coulson’s rather interesting severance benefits?  When you resign from a post you don’t usually get the benefits Andy got from NI.  Mind you if the financial compensation that Clive Goodman got for summary dismissal is normal at the NOTW then maybe I am being unfair.

One thing is certain, the NOTW was riddled with some rather dishonest individuals who were prepared to do anything for a story.

The select committee and the scandal surrounding #hackgate isn’t going away anytime soon.

I reiterate my thoughts of before the summer recess, this may yet see the end of David Cameron because when the truth comes out he will be damaged and be seen to have lied about what he knew, when he knew it and what exactly the deal was with his mate Andy.

Will the committee recall James?  If they do more fireworks and sleepless nights for those who are implicated.

( BTW Dave that’s you)


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