Jam & Jerusalem land that never existed.

The pleasant land of street parties, community spirit and Women’s Institute jamborees is a land that maybe existed in the rose-tinted glasses of our great grand parents but the reality has always been somewhat different.

We have a problem.

Rioting in London and other cities has brought us to a silly season debate that is important.

‘What do we do about it and why did it happen?’

Hug-a-hoodie Dave has been reined in effectively by his party and his own natural leaning.  The Right want to make the causes of the riots simple criminality and their response is equally simplistic – punish, punish, punish.

We have seen a variety of pronouncements from Dave and the gang.  ‘Evict them’ snorts piggy pickles, ‘take their benefits of them’ Invisible IDS purports, Theresa Tottie says ‘Lock them up.’ And little lou mensch wants to turn off twitter, mobile phones and facebook because they all cause riots obviously.  Wee Gove had a fizzy fit at Harriet Harman and showed himself for the fool he is.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14502704 – enjoy pickles

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14522322 Theresa defending police while sending for Wyatt Earp (I think that’s his name or is it Robocop)

Starkey says the whites have become blacks, among much else of his racist ranting (Nick griffin wants him in the BNP).


Lets not even look at the extreme glee of some right wingers at the sentences being handed down.  Calls for Baton rounds and water cannons and national service all being bandied about like they will ‘sort out the little crims’.

And then Today Dave delivers his speech on where it all went wrong and what needs to be done about those feckless single parents and their brood of unruly tearaways.

I am biassed, I know that, but David Cameron is trying to sound tough and repromote his Jam & Jerusalem Big society as the only way forward, except that Gideon has slashed the funding that would be needed.

Apparently there is no causality of deprivation and poverty and civil unrest.  There is no link between excesses at the top and how angry those at the bottom feel.

Simplistic approaches to the causes and responses to these riots will just make things worse this time and every next time until we address the root causes.  An Americanisation of our justice and policing systems would be a disaster and should be resisted at all costs.  Our police, while poor this time, are actually not too bad at what they do.  Calls to arm the police with guns would lead to more death on our streets and do nothing to resolve the issues we face.

So much for the government and their silent partners who have been somewhat reticent to come forward and oppose the far right assaults on liberty and freedoms, let alone the injustices to follow.

Mind you Bullingdon Dave and Arson Clegg have got form on this front so don’t expect too much.

Labour leader Ed Miliband’s response today was measured (if a little too syrupy for my liking) and attacked the soundbite superficiality of the Government.  All good stuff, calling for a review rather than a pre written exercise is a good thing.

However, This problem was born decades ago and while Mrs T made it worse by her policies (unemployment a price worth paying etc) Messrs Blair and Brown did not tackle the problem either.  So much more should have been done and wasn’t.  Welfare reform has been needed for some time but the solution being touted will be disastrous for the weakest in our society.

Education and jobs are the twin pillars to resolve this time bomb both of which are in the process of being savaged by Gove and ‘No-growth’ Gideon.

Macho rhetoric will no doubt fill the airwaves for a while yet, and once that passes the cooler heads can start trying to create an integrated approach to address this mess.

Political point scoring and soundbites are not helping, but then again they never have.

Dave and Ed on the same page.



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