Just the 1922 committee to go

The Prime Minister managed to front his way through the bear pit that was a recalled parliament.
He managed to avoid answering a great many questions after a statement that really did little more than reiterate the home secretary’s statement of Monday. He did manage to pretend to want to collaborate with the house and used we’re all guilty of getting too close to News International.
That pretense didn’t last long.

A whole gang of smearers got to there feet and tried to muddy the waters with incipid, sycophantic, rehearsed and pre-supplied questions from the whips office.
It was all ‘Big Boy did it and ran away’ backed up by ‘I know nothing’, ‘Its all Labours fault’, and ‘I’ve answered that’ (when of course he hadn’t).
138 questions half of which he ducked, ignored or snorted at. the one’s well written by the whips office he used to maintain his smearing of Labour, Baldwin and Campbell.

Baldwin back fired as he was reporting to Michael Gove during his time at the times. (Gove still getting 5k a month as a retainer from NI).

Campbell has called on him to prove he (Campbell) doctored documents.

Apparently the external vetting that Dave had done on Andy Coulson is secret and he’s not telling. Why I have no idea, unless of course it was never actually done.
This whole debate was to get the smoking gun on the PM, and he has managed to avoid answering questions and therefore survive without calls for his head.
If the smoking gun does appear Dave will have to go.
And this I think will be the thrust of the 1922 committee this evening.


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